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  • Watching Them Grow
    This blog chronicles our family life from late in 2006 until the end of 2010.
  • Our Journey to Jaden....the beginning.
    Our children were the catalysts to this journey. Read how how they knew what Scott and I didn't and how God used Valerie & Kevin to open our hearts to adding another child to our family.
  • Looking At It From Mom's Perspective
    A journal of our life.....from Mom's perspective
  • China Adoption....Our Journey to Jaden
    Our family blog....the beginning. This is the story that took us from a family of four to a multi-cultural family of six. Here you'll find the ups and downs of international adoption. The paperwork, the wait and then, finally, God's amazing gift at the end of the rainbow.

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I found my way over here, just jumping from blog to blog! Actually I think directly from Erika's blog....don't know her, But I visited her site and found your link! Jaden is precious! We have talked about adopting off and one, at the moment we're considering fostercare for a while with the possiblity to adopt....I'll be back to read more when I have time!

Bryan & Carrie

Please make sure you send us the username & password.

Love you!!

Uncle Gary

I would appreciate very much the chance to follow Jaden and everyone else in the Smith family.

Thanks alot, Traci, for your emotions, experiences and elation - not to the mention the great pictures and video clips which you've given us over the past months!

Give my love to all!

Gary Jr.

Aunt Shellie

Thank you Smith family for allowing all of us to follow this incredible journey with you. We love you all so much. This blog has really given me a chance to follow what is going on in your lives. With all of us having our own families and our own daily lives it has helped keep me in tune to your lives. Thank you for sharing so much, it wasn't just the journay to adoption is was also a journey into your hearts. I can't express how much I've grown to know Traci in a totally different light.
Love you very much!

Grandma Maloy

I can hardly express how sad and yet happy I am that this part of the journey is over. As grandparents, this blog has been priceless to us. It has provided us the opportunity to love and bond to our Jaden even before we actually met her in person. It also kept us close to all of you as you took us on this amazing journey with you. Thank you so much.

A very special thanks to Scott, Valerie, and Kevin for their generosity and love, for the opportunity for us to actually get to have Mommy & Jaden come to visit us for over a week. We know how difficult that must have been for all of you. Mommy & Jaden were such a blessing to us during Grandpa's illness. Their support and love has meant a great deal. We are looking forward to seeing you all in December. Thank you again, we love you very much.



Hi, What a great memoir for Jaden. I'd love to follow along if that is ok?

What great teeth she has. Olivia cut 4 upper teeth and I can't wait to see what she looks like with them all in!


I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing pictures of your family. It has been heartwarming and it has enriched my life. Thanks for sharing so much with so many. Marja (Carlyn's sister)

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