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  • Watching Them Grow
    This blog chronicles our family life from late in 2006 until the end of 2010.
  • Our Journey to Jaden....the beginning.
    Our children were the catalysts to this journey. Read how how they knew what Scott and I didn't and how God used Valerie & Kevin to open our hearts to adding another child to our family.
  • Looking At It From Mom's Perspective
    A journal of our life.....from Mom's perspective
  • China Adoption....Our Journey to Jaden
    Our family blog....the beginning. This is the story that took us from a family of four to a multi-cultural family of six. Here you'll find the ups and downs of international adoption. The paperwork, the wait and then, finally, God's amazing gift at the end of the rainbow.

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Oh my gosh she is so darn cute. She had changed since China even. Wow, your family looks so great!


Sorry I couldnt visit with you at church Sunday. I was anxious to meet Jaden and see you all but got called in to work (So I arrived to church EARLY to maybe hook up before service but that plan didnt work either) I'm working 7 days this week but would like to make an appointment that our families can visit. We are having a bonfire Saturday night after our band festival...I know that's into to your sleep time but you're welcome to come over.

Mommy Bundy

I am so glad you posted. I have been visiting your blog several times a day just to see whats new. I love seeing all your pictures!! I smiled a huge smile when I read your last line. YOU BET, we are ready for some time with the Smiths!!!!!!

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