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    This blog chronicles our family life from late in 2006 until the end of 2010.
  • Our Journey to Jaden....the beginning.
    Our children were the catalysts to this journey. Read how how they knew what Scott and I didn't and how God used Valerie & Kevin to open our hearts to adding another child to our family.
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  • China Adoption....Our Journey to Jaden
    Our family blog....the beginning. This is the story that took us from a family of four to a multi-cultural family of six. Here you'll find the ups and downs of international adoption. The paperwork, the wait and then, finally, God's amazing gift at the end of the rainbow.

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Val in MD

She is too cute for words. Must be something in that Shangrao water. :o) The WS IS just gorgeous isn't it? We nearly closed our eyes and moaned at the breakfast buffet.


Safe and Peaceful travels to you and a very happy reunion with Kevin and Valerie.

Julie S.

We've just seen Traci, Scott and Jaden this morning and they are all very excited to be coming home today! They've been packing up a storm, and are really happy to be seeing Valerie and Kevin soon. Miss Jaden is an absolute doll, and you will all love her to pieces! Traci and Scott have been a wonderful blessing to everyone fortunate to travel with them. We'll miss seeing them here, but know they are eager to get home to their family and begin life as a family of five.

Traci, Scott and Jaden ~ WELCOME HOME, friends!!!!!!!


Julie, Chris and Emma
(thankful travel mates of Scott, Traci and Jaden)

Aunt Sandy

Uh, make that 2 more nights! I tried to correct Kevin when he told Mrs. Boyer 2 more nights but she reminded me today is Tuesday and he is absolutely right. Good job, Kevvy! At least someone knows what's going on!!

Aunt Sandy, Kevin & Valerie

We tried to call you this morning but you weren't available. We're on our way to school and we want you to know we love you and miss you. Only three more nights before you come home. Hooray!!

Kevin & Valerie

Josie (and Mommy)

Jaden - speaking of shopping, tell your Mommy & Daddy to try Michael's - if you leave Lucy's and follow the river in the opposite direction of the White Swan, right before the tennis courts you will see a little tiny shop. Michael is a WONDERFUL man and although his shop is smaller, he makes great chops (quickly) and he really liked me & my big sister (and he humored my Daddy by making him think he got great deals)! I can't wait to meet you and I think we will become great friends....
Love - Josie

PS, Traci & Scott thank you so much for the great opportunity to talk with two are SO sweet and always take the time to think about others. We were pleasantly suprised! ALSO, we met some of your friends at the park by our house last night - Mommy's name is Jean and their daughter's name is Jenna....didn't catch Daddy's name and they are waiting for their referral for #2 - they live really close to us! Take care - safe travels home next week and we can't wait to see you all!


she is adorable!!! have a wonderful time bonding, and shopping!! almost home now!


Aunt Shellie

I can't wait to play with her. I want to hold her and play and kiss those adorable cheeks. God sure is aweasome. He is absolutley amazing.
Love you guys bunches!


You were a big topic at the carry in after church Sunday. We're all so happy for you.


Oh my goodness. She could not be any more precious!

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