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  • Watching Them Grow
    This blog chronicles our family life from late in 2006 until the end of 2010.
  • Our Journey to Jaden....the beginning.
    Our children were the catalysts to this journey. Read how how they knew what Scott and I didn't and how God used Valerie & Kevin to open our hearts to adding another child to our family.
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    A journal of our life.....from Mom's perspective
  • China Adoption....Our Journey to Jaden
    Our family blog....the beginning. This is the story that took us from a family of four to a multi-cultural family of six. Here you'll find the ups and downs of international adoption. The paperwork, the wait and then, finally, God's amazing gift at the end of the rainbow.

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Wow! Sandy that is the coolest dream!! I would love to share those first moments with you and the kids. Maybe you'll have to leave work when we know the package is on its way so that you're here when we see her face for the first time.

After all, you've always see my children's faces before I have!

Thank you for being such a wonderful Aunt and Sister!


your crazy friend, Julie

You are so cute, Traci - I just absolutely LOVE your heart! You are fighting so hard to believe and not believe at the same time. :o) Dear friend o' mine - I don't care if it is in 2 weeks or in 6-7 weeks... OUR GIRLS ARE COMING!!!!! YIPEE!!!

Aunt Sandy

I don't know how to interpret dreams but I had my first one of Jaden last night. ...a box with brown wrapping paper was delivered to my door with Chinese writing on it. I called Traci and (after what seemed like forever) she arrived at my house to open the package. She started ripping and tearing at the paper like a 4 year old at Christmas and I made her stop and open it carefully so she could keep the wrapping paper/writing for Jaden's scrapbook (sounds like our personalities doesn't it, Traci? :-). Inside were a couple pictures of Jaden (what a beauty!) and a doll someone (her current caregiver?) had crochet for her to have when she gets here. There were a couple other things too but I can't remember what they were. After we looked at everything Traci and my kids and I were jumping up and down hugging, crying and laughing--so excited to be another step closer.


What is the deal with Spain? I've been there twice and it is lovely but geesh? Are they actually right sometimes? I haven't followed June DTC 05 very well for a few months and am out of the loop...although I did read a little yesterday. Shhh, don't tell. I will die if we get a Feb. referral after all this. Watch we will probably be in FL when we get the call and won't even be home. I'm rambling, sorry.

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